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The Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR) has and provides extensive research and teaching expertise both at the fundamental and applied levels as it relates to the development of energy systems for transportation, stationary, and portable technology applications. We are about excellence in teaching and research and about innovation and partner regularly with business, industry, and government.


The faculty of the Center for Energy Systems Research (CESR) conduct both fundamental and applied research into all aspects of energy systems and their components whether for transportation, stationary, or portable applications. Single discipline and multidiscipline research includes analytical, numerical, and experimental modeling from the microscopic to the system level. In addition, faculty develop and teach courses both at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as short courses on various topics such as, for example, fuel cells and hybrid electric vehicles world-wide.

Fuel Cell

Contact information
Center for Energy Systems Research
Mechanical Engineering Dept. (0238)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Dr. Michael R. von Spakovsky
Professor and Director
Dr. Michael W. Ellis
Associate Professor
Dr. Douglas J. Nelson

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