Experimental Rigs

Aerothermal Rig

sandAerothermal Rig
–   Studies sand ingestion in aircraft engines and interaction with engine hardware
–   Operating temperature – 1500 Kelvin (atmospheric pressure)
–   Sand velocities of 100 m/s targeted
–   Sand deposition and restitution is measured.

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High Pressure Combustor Rig




High Pressure Combustor Rig
– Capable of continuous operation with pressure up to 10 bar at a flow rate up to 1.2 kg/s

– Capable of turbine inlet temperatures of 1700°C

– Water quench system to cool exhaust gas before back pressure valves

– 3 – 5x8” Rectangular optical access windows at dump plane


Transonic Blowdown Tunnel



Transonic Wind Tunnel*
– Heat Transfer and aerodynamic performance of engine hardware is studied in the transonic regime.
– IR thermography used to measure heat transfer in external flow (endwall, blade surface etc)
– Blowdown facility. Operates at 10 lbm/s for 30 seconds.

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Hot Jet Rig



Hot Jet Rig
– Rig provides an open electrically heated jet (700 °F)
– Variety of experiments performed, e.g., acoustic studies to understand aircraft sound pollution, effect of vertical takeoff/landing on ship decks, acoustic thrust measurement etc.
– Capable of stereo-PIV and IR thermography.

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Hypersonic Wind Tunnel



Hypersonic Tunnel
– Operates at Mach 2-7
– Blowdown facility, run time of approximately 2s.
– Electric heater (220/380 V) with capacity 15 – 20 kW provides the flow stagnation temperature up to 800 K to prevent condensation of air at hypersonic speeds.
– Research and Instructional use

Ongoing Research and References

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