Christopher Williams, Assoc Professor, Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Christopher Williams

Director, DREAMS Lab
Principal Investigator

Dr. Williams is an Associate Professor and the Electro-Mechanical Corporation Senior Faculty Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He currently holds the W. S. Pete White Chair for Innovation in Engineering Education. His Additive Manufacturing (AM) expertise is focused in innovations in (i) AM processes and materials; (ii) design methodologies and tools to guide AM use (i.e., “Design for Additive Manufacturing”); and (iii) AM workforce development initiatives. In addition to working in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Williams is the Associate Director of Virginia Tech’s Macromolecules  Innovation Institute and holds affiliate faculty appointments in the Department of Engineering Education and the Department of Material Science & Engineering.

To achieve this mission, we conduct research in all facets of additive manufacturing processes, including:

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing: We research methods and tools to support designers in their use of additive manufacturing technologies for innovative applications.
  • Process Optimization and Materials: We research and develop new material systems, novel manufacturing process chains, and new fabrication technologies.
  • Education: Generally, we research the what, why, and how of design education. Specifically, we explore the role in which additive manufacturing systems play in the processes of design and engineering education.