Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students, contact Dr. Williams at cbwilliams@vt.edu if you’re interested in joining the team!

Rich Dumene

Rich Dumene

Rich is a sophomore from Leesburg, VA, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He joined the DREAMS Lab in September of 2013 as a member of the DreamVendor maintenance team. This is his third semester in the DREAMS Lab. Rich is now acting primarily as a research assistant focusing on the SLS printer and on the performance of embedded wires in printed materials. Outside of the lab, Rich enjoys working with electronics and audio equipment and is also heavily involved in the AMP Lab.

Contact: rdrdrdrd@vt.edu


Andy Cohen

Andy is a sophomore Mechanical Engineer from Crozet, VA. Interested in further exploring additive manufacturing, he joined the DREAMS Lab in October 2015 as a volunteer learning about the process of micro-stereolithography (μSLA) and the operation of the lab’s mask projection μSLA machine. In the spring, he started his own undergraduate research focusing on upgrading this machine to enable multi-material prints. With a minor in biomedical engineering, he is excited to see how this research impacts the field of printed tissue scaffolds. With previous experience retrofitting a ShopBot CNC machine and working in the Frith Lab, he is excited to apply his skills to the task of multi-material printing.

Contact: acohen8@vt.edu