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Paper published in PLOS Computational Biology

Congratulations to Kartik Subramanian who is the lead author on a paper published today in PLOS Computational Biology. Here are the details:

Subramanian, K., Paul, M.R., and Tyson, J.J., Dynamical Localization of DivL and PleC in the Asymmetric Division Cycle of Caulobacter crescentus: A Theoretical Investigation of Alternative Model, PLOS Computational Biology, 11, e1004348, (2015).


Paper Accepted to the Journal of Applied Physics

Congratulations to Brian Robbins who is the lead author on a paper recently accepted to the Journal of Applied Physics. Here are the paper details:

B. A. Robbins, M. Radiom, W. A. Ducker, J.Y. Walz, and M. R. Paul, “The Stochastic Dynamics of Tethered Microcantilevers in a Viscous Fluid”, in press (2014).

Multiple Open Faculty Positions in the ME Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department has multiple open tenure-track faculty positions. The two areas of interest are Fluid-Thermal Science and Mechanical Systems. More details can be found in the following advertisement.

fall2013Photo is of the Holtzman Alumni center taken from a gallery of Fall 2013 images posted at


Paper on the Fluid-Coupled Dynamics of Elastic Objects now available at Physical Review E

Our paper on the fluid coupled dynamics of small elastic structures is now available from Physical Review E.  Here the are the paper details:

Paul, Clark, and Cross, Coupled motion of microscale and nanoscale elastic objects in a viscous fluid, Physical Review E, 88, 043012 (2013).