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The driven dynamics of a nanoscale beams in fluid in the Journal of Applied Physics

Our study of the dynamics of very small elastic beams in fluid has been published. Please see below for more details.

J. Barbish, C. Ti, K. L. Ekinci, and M. R. Paul, The dynamics of an externally driven nanoscale beam that is under high tension and immersed in a viscous fluid,  Journal of Applied Physics (2022).

Paper published in PLOS Computational Biology

Congratulations to Kartik Subramanian who is the lead author on a paper published today in PLOS Computational Biology. Here are the details:

Subramanian, K., Paul, M.R., and Tyson, J.J., Dynamical Localization of DivL and PleC in the Asymmetric Division Cycle of Caulobacter crescentus: A Theoretical Investigation of Alternative Model, PLOS Computational Biology, 11, e1004348, (2015).


Multiple Open Faculty Positions in the ME Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department has multiple open tenure-track faculty positions. The two areas of interest are Fluid-Thermal Science and Mechanical Systems. More details can be found in the following advertisement.

fall2013Photo is of the Holtzman Alumni center taken from a gallery of Fall 2013 images posted at


Paper on the Fluid-Coupled Dynamics of Elastic Objects now available at Physical Review E

Our paper on the fluid coupled dynamics of small elastic structures is now available from Physical Review E.  Here the are the paper details:

Paul, Clark, and Cross, Coupled motion of microscale and nanoscale elastic objects in a viscous fluid, Physical Review E, 88, 043012 (2013).