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Chaotic Rayleigh-Benard convection in the journal Chaos

A paper exploring the use of Lyapunov based diagnostics on the study of chaos in convection has been published in the journal Chaos. More details are given below:

R. Levanger, M. Xu, J. Cyranka, M. Schatz, K. Mischaikow, and M. R. Paul, Correlations between the leading Lyapunov vector and pattern defects for chaotic Rayleigh-Benard convection, Chaos, 29, 053103, (2019).

Paper accepted to Applied Physics Letters

Congratulations to Matthew Francom who is a co-author on a paper that we recently accepted to the journal Applied Physics Letters. The paper details are below:

C. Lissandrello, F. Inci, M. Francom, M. R. Paul, U. Demirci, and K. L. Ekinci, Nanomechanical Motion of Escherichia coli Adhered to a Surface, Applied Physics Letters, to appear (2014).

Paper on the Fluid-Coupled Dynamics of Elastic Objects now available at Physical Review E

Our paper on the fluid coupled dynamics of small elastic structures is now available from Physical Review E.  Here the are the paper details:

Paul, Clark, and Cross, Coupled motion of microscale and nanoscale elastic objects in a viscous fluid, Physical Review E, 88, 043012 (2013).