Congratulations to Mu Xu for successful PhD defense

Mu Xu has successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled:  “Spatiotemporal chaos in large systems driven far-from-equilibrium: connecting theory with experiment”.  Congratulations Dr. Xu!


The above image is a snap shot in time of the 12th covariant Lyapunov vector for chaotic Rayleigh-Benard convection. The magnitude of the Lyapunov vector is shown by the color contours where red is large positive and blue is large negative. The boundaries of the convection rolls are shown by the solid black lines. More details can be found in our paper in Physical Review E.

Persistant homology paper in Physica D

Our paper on the use of ideas from persistent homology for large non equilibrium fluid systems has been published in Physica D.  This is a large collaborative effort between my group at Virginia Tech, Mike Schatz’ group in the physics department at Georgia Tech, and Konstantin Mischaikow’s group in the match department at Rutgers University. The paper can be found here.


The image above is from a numerical simulation from my group of the spiral defect chaos state of Rayleigh-Benard convection in a large cylindrical domain. Color contours are shown of the temperature of the fluid where red is hot rising fluid and blue is cold falling fluid. The solid black line around the edges indicate the position of the lateral sidewalls of the convection domain.

2016 Fall Fluid Mechanics Symposium

The 2016 Fall Fluid Mechanics Symposium is now accepting abstracts. I am a co-organizer, with Mark Stremler, of the annual Fall Fluids Symposium at Virginia Tech which is now in its ninth year!  This year’s event will be held on campus in Kelly Hall on November 16.  More information about this year’s symposium, including abstract submission, can be found here.

We look forward to seeing many of you there.


The above image is from Weiwei Deng’s lab in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Fall 2016 ME Distinguished Speakers

Announcing the Fall 2016 Mechanical Engineering Distinguished Speaker Seminars.

I am pleased to announce the speakers for this term.  See the flier below for all of the details, a higher-resolution pdf version of the flier can be found here.  Please feel free to distribute this widely.  I am the lead organizer of this seminar series, please let me know of any comments or questions.


Mu Xu’s paper in Physical Review E

Congratulations to Mu Xu who is the lead author on the paper “Covariant Lyapunov vectors of chaotic Rayleigh-Benard convection” which has been published in Physical Review E. The paper can be found here.


Shown above is the spatial power spectrum of the covariant Lyapunov vectors for chaotic Rayleigh-Benard convection where q is the wavenumber and j is the index of the covariant Lyapunov vector. Color represent the magnitude of the power spectrum where red is large and blue in small.

Paper published in PLOS Computational Biology

Congratulations to Kartik Subramanian who is the lead author on a paper published today in PLOS Computational Biology. Here are the details:

Subramanian, K., Paul, M.R., and Tyson, J.J., Dynamical Localization of DivL and PleC in the Asymmetric Division Cycle of Caulobacter crescentus: A Theoretical Investigation of Alternative Model, PLOS Computational Biology, 11, e1004348, (2015).