Laboratory of Transport Phenomena for Advanced Technologies
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In this lab, we explore the fundamental physics of transport phenomena with an emphasis on problems in which molecular/mesocopic physics play a key role. Our research is driven by challenges emerging at the frontiers of advanced technologies such as electrical energy storage, thermal management, biomanufacturing, and lab-on-chip. We focus on atomistic, mesoscopic and multiscale modeling but we also work closely with experimentalists and theoreticians. Collaborations are always welcome!

-- Rui Qiao, lab Director

Fields in which we have published

  • Transport phenomena at small scales: nanoscale fluid and ion transport, themal transport in particulate suspensions and nanocomposites, interfacial thermal transport, transport of active and passive colloidal particles, coupled ion transport and chemical reactions in porous membranes.
  • Interfacial phenomena and electrochemistry: electrical double layer, electrokinetic flow, interfacial fluids, self-assembly, wetting and superhydrophobicity.
  • Advanced materials: room-tempreature ionic liquids, ion gels, 2D materials, thermal nanocomposites, colloidal suspensions, porous liquids, microporous electrodes, microemulsions.
  • Engineering technologies: inkjet-based biomanufacturing, thermal management, electrical energy storage, energy harvesting, nutrient recovery using bioelectrochemical systems, lab-on-a-chip, desalination, and flow batteries.
  • Computational methods: molecular dynamics, dissipative particle dynamics, multiscale methods, computational fluid dynamics.