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ME2124-Introduction of Thermal and Fluid Engineering

Basics of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Fluid and thermal properties of materials. Ideal gas equation of state. First law of thermodynamics in closed systems. Transient heat transfer. First law of thermodynamics in open systems. Fluid mechanics balances, open systems. Emphasis on applications in all topic areas.

ME3404-Fluid Mechanics

Comprehensive first course in basic and applied fluid mechanics. Fluid properties, statics, kinematics, and dynamics. Euler's and Bernoulli's equations. Hydrodynamics. Dimensional analysis and similitude. Real fluids, laminar and turbulent flows. Boundary layer model and approximate analysis.

ME5314-Convective Heat and Mass Transfer

Principles of convection. Analysis of heat transfer for internal and external flows; laminar and turbulent boundary layer theories; forced and natural convection. Analysis using similarity transformations, integral solutions and numerical methods.