Lab Director: Prof. Lei Zuo  CV LEI ZUO @ VT, June 2021

Opening Positions:

  • Postdoc or PhD positions open:
    • Positions open for design, prototyping, optimization, control  and power electronics for wave energy converters or relative topics.
  • We usually recruit 2-4 PhD students each year. The students can enroll in ME, ECE or AOE program. Please send your resume to Prof. Lei Zuo.
  • We also welcome self-motivated MS students and undergraduates.

  • Current Research Associate:

  1. Dr. Mingyi Liu (07/2020-), after Ph.D. from VT with Lei Zuo, 2020
  2. Dr. Xiaofan Li (11/2020-), after Ph.D. from VT with Lei Zuo, 2020
  3. Dr. Marif Daula (07/2021-), PhD from University of Malaya, 2021

  • Current PhD Students:

  1. Kan Sun (08/2017 – ), Additive manufacturing of thermoelectric materials and devices
  2. Jia Mi (08/2018 – ), Oscillating surge wave energy conversion and powering the blue economy
  3. Lisheng Yang (08/2018 – ), Marine energy control
  4. Xian Wu (08/2020 -), Wave-powered seawater desalination
  5. Fukang Li (08/2020 -), Additive manufacturing of functional materials using SLM/SLS. Eventually could not get visa after one year of online courses and remote study
  6. Jianuo Huang (12/2020 – ): Ocean wave energy using active motion rectifier
  7. Vishnu Vijayasankar (08/2021 – ): Hydrokinetic energy harvesting
  8. Belal Hassan Ibrahim Shanab (08/2021 – ): Hybrid wave and current energy harvesting
  9. Aditya Raj (08/2021 – ): Vibration energy harvesting and control
  10. Saeed Sharify (08/2021 – ) deferred to Spring 2022 due to visa process
  11. Jae Hwan Kim (10/2021 – ):
  12. Patrick Hsingnan Wu (08/2021 – ): Visiting PhD student from NSYU, Marine energy
  13. JinHyuk Yu (02/2022 – ): Marine energy control

  • Current MS Students with thesis option (12)

  1. Weihan Lin (08/2019-): Machine learning for marine and hydrokinetic energy converter
  2. Jiahun Zhang (08/2020-): Ultra-low speed arctic marine turbine
  3. Ryan Gottwald (08/2020 -): Metal 3D printing (co-advised with Prof Hang Yu)
  4. Erin Jones (08/2020 UG/G – , accelerated MS program): Water desalination
  5. Duncan Lambert (08/2020 UG/G – ): Ocean wave energy harvesting
  6. Jeff Grasberger (01/2021 UGG – ): WEC control co-design
  7. Corbin Lenderink (08/2021 -): Hybrid ocean wave-current energy converter
  8. Ryan Okuda (08/2021 – ): Offshore wind energy platform
  9. Mrunal Bhalerao (08/2021 -): Piezoelectric energy harvesting
  10. Prabhav Bhaumik (08/2021 – UGG): Offshore wind energy
  11. Shubhankar Sudesh (08/2021 – ):Control of marine energy harvesting
  12. Nishant Deshmukh (08/2021 – ):Vehicle energy harvesting
  13. Lauren Hall (08/2021 – UGG): energy-water-material nexus
  14. Jagannath Suresh (09/2021 – ): SLM additive manufacturing of functional materials
  15. Haozheng Wang (08/2021 – ): Laser based 3D printing of soft magnetic materials (co-advised with Dr. Hang Yu)

  • Current Undergraduate Students

  • ME senior design—Offshore wind energy: Prabhav Bhaumik, Hayley Capilitan, Lauren Hall, Ryan Oosterhuis, Kaishin Kato, Shah, Om
  • ME senior design—Ocean wave powered autonomous robots (WEC design): Joey Mensch Javier Perez Solano, Bryce Behringer, Myung Jun Oh, Jack Arbolino, Ishan Pradhan, Conner Owens
  • ECE senior design—Ocean wave powered autonomous robots (communication and control): Michael Fuhrer, Zhiheng Xu, Kurubell Gebremedhin, Qianhui Xie, Ryan Landry
  • ECE senior design—Fault tolerant power electronics system: Zachary Ruttle, Ben Faunce, and Timothy Snow
  • Undergraduate research credits: Ishan Pradhan, Siyuan Ren, Junlin Wang:


Graduated PhD/MS Students (16 PhD thesis, 50 MS: 25 with thesis & 25 with projects)

With PhD Thesis Completed (16 PhD):

  1. Chien-An Chen (08/2014 – 05/2020), Model, Design, and Control for Power Conversion in Wave Energy Converter System (co-advised with Dr. Khai Ngo since 2015)—working in industry in Massachusetts
  2. Xiaofan Li (08/2015 – 09/2020),Design, Analysis and Testing of a Self-reactive Wave Energy Point Absorber with Mechanical Power Take-off —currently postdoc in VT CEHMS
  3. Mingyi Liu (08/2016-05/2020), Energy Harvesting from the Human Body for Wearable and Mobile Devices —currently postdoc in VT CEHMS
  4. Feng Qian (08/2016-05/2020 ), Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Human Walking and Bio-inspired Bi-stable Motion—Currently Assistant Professor in Penn State Behrend
  5. Hongjip Kim (10/2015-–12/2019), Enhanced Energy Harvesting for Rotating Systems using Stochastic Resonance —working in industry in Korea.
  6. Yu Pan (08/2015 – 12/2019), Design, Modeling and Testing of Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Systems for Railway Track and Car Applications (co-advisor Dr. Mehdi Ahmedian since fall 2018)—postdoc at VT
  7. Yongjia Wu (08/2015 – 5/2019), Thermoelectronic energy harvesting for sensor powering(Awarded with ASME CIE’18 Best Paper Award on Advanced Modelling and Simulation, Awarded: Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad, China Ministry of Education 2019) Subsequently received an offer of Full Professor at Wuhan University of Technology.
  8. Shifeng Yu (08/2013 – 1/2019), High throughput miniaturized calorimeter—Assistant Professor at Chongqing University
  9. Teng Lin (10/2013 – 08/2018), PhD thesis: “Railroad Energy Harvesting System Design, Modeling and Testing for Trackside Electric Infrastructures” (Awarded: 2015 R&D100 Award Finalist; Best Student Paper in ASME MESA’2013; Best Application of Energy Harvesting, by the Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2012) Currently Engineer/Maintenance Manager at Allegiant Health
  10. Shuyu Wang (08/2013-7/2017), PhD thesis: “A MEMS-based Differential Scanning Calorimeter for Protein Stability Characterization”. Currently Associate Professor at Northeastern University, China
  11. Changwei Liang (08/2012-1/2017), PhD thesis: “On the Dynamics and Design of a Wave Energy Converter with Mechanical Motion Rectifier” —working in industry in California
  12. Yilun Liu (06/2012 – 10/2016), PhD thesis: “Design, Modeling and Control of Vibration Systems with Electromagnetic Energy Harvesters and their Application to Vehicle Suspensions” (Awarded: ASME DSCC 2017 Best Paper Award on Vibration)—working in industry in Ohio
  13. Peng Li (08/2011-04/2016), PhD thesis: “Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting Vehicle Suspension Systems”  (Awarded: ASME IDETC-MESA 2013 Best Student Paper)—working in industry in California
  14. Gaosheng Fu (09/2010 – 3/2015), PhD thesis: “Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Generator for Energy Harvesting”—working in industry in California
  15. Wanlu Zhou (06/2010 – 03/2015), PhD thesis: “Multifunctional Smart Structures for Energy Harvesting, Structure Health Monitoring and Vibration”  (Awarded: Best Poster Award, Dept annual student research poster symposium 2013)—working in industry in California
  16. Xiudong Tang (09/2008 – 02/2013), PhD thesis: “Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Vibration Control of Tall Buildings using Electricity-Generating Tuned Mass Dampers”  (Awarded: 2011 R&D 100 Award by R&D Magazine; Best Technology Development of Energy Harvesting, by Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2010; Travel Award to attend American Control Conference 2010)—Business owner in New York

With MS Thesis Completed (25 MS):

  1. Joseph Capper (08/2019–05/2021):Numerical Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Portable Oscillating-Body WaveEnergy Converters
  2. Shuo Chen (08/2018 – 02/2021): Mechanical Motion Rectifier Based Single and Hybrid Input Marine Energy Harvester Analysis, Design and Basin Test Validation
  3. Yuzhe Chen (01/2018 – 09/2020): Regenerative vehicle suspensions
  4. Qiuchi Xiong (08/2017-03/2020), Control of wave energy harvesting
  5. Boxi Jiang (08/2017-12/2019), Performance Analysis and Tank Test Validation of a Hybrid Wave-Current Energy Converter (co-advised with Robert Parker since 08/2017)
  6. Rui Lin (08/2017 -11/2019): Energy harvesting and acoustic communication for oil downhole applications
  7. Dillon Martin (11/2015-09/2017): Marine hydrodynamics of ocean wave energy converter. (Dillon was employed as a MS Research Associate in my lab till 06/18)
  8. Jackson Klein (08/2015-05/2017), Energy Harvesting Opportunities Throughout the Nuclear Power Cycle for Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes (Awarded: DOE NEUP Research Fellowship $50,000)
  9. Yue Yuan (10/2014-02/2017), Backpack energy harvesting with human walking model
  10. Yalu Pei (01/2015-12/2016), Multi-resonant electromagnetic shunt in base isolation for vibration damping and energy harvesting (Awarded: ASME DSCC 2017 Best Paper Award on Vibration)
  11. Shaoxu Xing, (08/2013 – 09/2016), Design of power converter and wireless data transmission for TEG energy harvesting (MS in ME and ECE)
  12. Prakhar Todaria (08/2013 – 03/2016), MS thesis: energy harvesting Speed bump
  13. Jie Chen (08/2013 -12/2015 ), MS thesis: Thermoelectric energy harvesting for nuclear sensing
  14. You Wu (09/2012 – 05/2015), MS thesis: Energy harvesting for wildlife tracking
  15. Shuyu Wang (08/2013-04/2016), MS thesis: Differential Scanning Calorimeter for Biomolecular Interaction Application
  16. Shubin Chen (10/2013-12/2014), MS thesis: Design and optimization of piezoelectric energy harvesting with force magnification (Awared: URECA Research Fellowship)
  17. Junxiao Ai (08/2012-07/2014), MS thesis: Design and Test of An Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting System (Awarded: 2014 EPA P3 Award, 2014; Best Technology Development of Large-Scale Energy Harvesting, by Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2014)
  18. Jinwoo Park (08/2012 – 09/2014), MS thesis: Design of on on-road energy harvesting
  19. Chongxiao Zhang (12/2012 – 01/2014), MS thesis: “Integration of Regenerative Shock Absorber into Vehicle Electric System”
  20. Jianchen Yin (09/2012- 2/2014), MS thesis: Fabrication and Characterization of Power Compensated Differential Scanning Nanocalorimeter
  21. Chao Nie (07/2012-08/2013), MS thesis: Characterization of Magnesium Silicide processed with Thermal Spray For Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting (07/10/2013)
  22. John Wang (08/2011-08/2013), MS thesis: “Mechanical Motion Rectifier Based Energy Harvester for Railroad Track Applications” (Awarded: Best Student Paper in ASME MESA’2013; Best Application of Energy Harvesting by Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2012)
  23. Zhongjie Li (08/2010-07/2012): MS thesis: “Energy Harvesting Shock Absorbers” (Awarded: 2014 ASME Best Paper Award in Structures and Structural Dynamics)
  24. Gopinath Reddy Penamalli (09/2009 — 08/2011): MS thesis, “Railway Structural Health Monitoring and Energy Harvesting”  (Awarded: Best Poster Award, Dept annual student research poster symposium 2011)
  25. Peisheng Zhang (10/2008 – 12/2010): MS thesis, “Design of Electromagnetic Shock Absorbers for Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Suspensions”

Masters with Project Option (25):

  1. Yamini Sharma (01/2019-, ECE): Energy harvesting electronics
  2. Abhishek Pandey (08/2013 – 12/2014): Energy harvesting speed bump
  3. Vishwatej Mane (08/2013 -06/2014 ): oil drilling sensing and energy harvesting
  4. You Wu (09/2012 – 06/2014 ), Piezoelectric energy harvesting for wildlife tracking
  5. Zhichao Xu (09/2012- 02/2014), Hydroelectric energy-harvesting shock absorber
  6. Hongbo Yu (08/2012-01/2014), Topic: Railway track energy harvester
  7. Ke Yu (09/2011-08/2013), Hydroelectric energy harvester
  8. Harrison Greene (09/2012-06/2013), Vibration energy harvester design
  9. Changming Zou (08/2012-08/2013), Topic: On-road energy harvesting
  10. Bikash Sukla (08/2012 -), Topic: Suspension energy harvester design
  11. Yusong Di (09/2011-08/2013), Power electronics for energy harvesting
  12. Qiang Liu (09/2012 -05/2013 ), Ocean wave energy
  13. Fei Lu (09/2012 – 05/2013), Marine hydrodynamics
  14. Teng Lin (09/2010-05/2012), MS project: Energy harvesting from railway track vibration
  15. Wen Cui (01/2012-12/2012), MS project: Electromagnetic tuned mass damper with resonant shunt
  16. Jian Kuang (09/2011 –01/2013), Design of mechanical motion rectifier based energy harvester
  17. Saurabh Gandhi (08/2011-12/2012), MS project: Dynamics & control of ocean wave energy converter
  18. Bo Zhang (01/2011 – 06/2012), MS project: Characterization of thermoelectric materials
  19. Xiaoming Chen (01/2009-12/10 transferred), MEMS-based nanocalorimeter (Awarded: NSF Fellowship to attend NEMB2010)
  20. Zac Brindak (1/2010-08/2011), MS project: Energy-harvesting shock absorber design (Awarded: First Place Award in the Northeast Regional Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium 2011)
  21. Ni Tao (09/2009 – 06/2011), MS project: Wind and tall building interaction
  22. Dimauro Edwards (1/2010-5/2010), MS project: Small hydropower development
  23. Rong Feng Yu (10/2008-05/2010), MS project: Ultra-sensitive thermo sensors
  24. Eddie Zheng (06/2009-12/2009), MS project: On-road energy harvester design
  25. Sharanya Divakaruni (01/2010-05/2010), MS project: Building energy monitoring

Former Post-doc Fellows (13):

  1. Dr. Feng Qian (07/2020-07/2021),  Assistant Professor in Penn State Behrend
  2. Dr. Zhenghua Wei  (03/2021-08/2021),  Assistant Professor in South University of Science and Technology of China
  3. Dr. Qiaofeng Li (03/2019-02/2021), Postdoc, currently Postdoc in UCLA
  4. Dr. HyunJun Jung (02/2019-12/2019), currently in PNNL
  5. Dr. Deepam Maurya (09/2018-01/2019), currently in industry
  6. Dr. Wei-Che Tai (08/2016 – 08/2018 ), currently Assistant Professor in Michigan State U
  7. Dr. Shengxi Zhou (02/2017-10/2017), directly hired as a full professor in Northwestern Polytechnic U in China
  8. Dr. Blake Boren (02/2018 – 05/2018),
  9. Dr. Xiuxing Yin (08/2016 – 09/2017), currently postdoc fellow in University of Warwick, UK
  10. Dr. Changwei Liang (03/2017-06/2017), currently in industry
  11. Dr. Lirong Wang, Research associate (07/2014 -08/2016)
  12. Dr. Lin Xu (01/2016-08/2016), Associate Professor in Wuhan University of Technology
  13. Dr. Xiaoya Shi (03/2011 – 01/2012, SUB-BNL Seed), currently in industry
  14. Dr. Kentaro Shinoda (01/2011-03/2011, NSF-DOE), co-advisor with Prof Sanjay Sampath
  15. Dr. Ivo Kolev Dimitrov (02/2012 – 07/2012, SUB-BNL Seed), co-advisor with Dr. Qiang Li
  16. Dr. Yikai Chen (07/2011- 03/2013, NSF-DOE), co-advisor with Prof Sanjay Sampath

Former Undergraduates (~150 undergraduates: 60+ undergraduates in six senior teams at VT, 56 in 17 senior design teams, and 7 others in project teams at Stony Brook;)

Former Undergraduates at VT (150+: averagely I mentored 5-10 undergraduates each semester)

Fujun Ruan, undergraduate research 05/2020-06.2021 (Marine aquaculture)
Qiyin Pan, undergraduate research 05/2020-06.2021 (energy harvesting vehicle suspension)
Akshay Shetty: Control of wave energy converter
Zhaoheng Chen: Electro-hydraulic interconnected vehicle suspension
Zhiheng Luo, Xingtong Yang, Yiming Luo, Yixiang Zhu (ECE): Wave powered ocean observing
ME senior design teams (16 students)
o Duncan Lambert, Meredith Coleman,Corbin Lenderink,David Kuniholm ,Max Weinberg,Brian Fierstein,William Page,Jenifer Hymanson (ocean observing)
o Erin Jones, Benji Andrews, Kevin Lambert,Jimmy Lane , Tom Malloy, Dana O’Donnel, Ryan Okuda,Ethan Vencill (seawater desalination)
ECE senior design teams (8 students)
o Danielle Lester, Jayesh Mohite,Qiaosheng Zhang,Joseph Lin ,Russell Lutge (WEC power electronics)
o Nick Squitieri, Alex Kim,Benjamin Alden,Andrew Guthrie ,Christian Sponseller (Inductive wireless charging for underwater vehicle)
Nob Congpuong, undergraduate research 05/2019-08.2020
Sixian Jia, 05/2017-05/2018 (Redmond Undergraduate Research Scholarship)
Erin Jones, Yiming Tan, Jianuo Huang, Liuni Chen (2018 Fall, undergraduate research)
Wendy Sparrer, Samuel Marthinuss, Elias Bearinger, Shuo Chen, Kavi Muraleetharan (2017-2018 Senior Design: power takeoff for ocean wave energy harvesting)
(W. Sparrer subsequently received Powell Fellowship)
Wendy Sparrer, Kavi Muraleetharan, Elias Bearinger, Josh Ding (2018 paid summer interns)
Jason Parker, Zhengliang Zhong, Hanchen Zhou (2017-2018 undergraduate research)
(H Zhou and J Parker co-authored several journal papers)
Matt Nabers, Sehyung Nam, Rui Lin, Katie Thich, Yilun Yu, Abdulazeez Albanyan, Alexander Hunt (2016-2017 Senior Design: Energy harvesting paver) (R. Lin co-authored a journal paper)
Duncan Sims, Rachael Chase, Rachael Duke (Fall 2016: undergraduate research)
Rachael Chase, Rachael Duke, David Kennedy, Jason Parker (NSF REUs, Summer 2016)
Adam Wise, Hanchen Zhou, David Kennedy, Jason Parker (Spring 2016, undergraduate research)
(A. Wise subsequently received Fulbright Scholarship)
Rosaline Lee, Evan House, Jedhathai Boontanom, Carl Matthew Capindo, Coby Mizrahi, Gabriel Palencia, Luis Fernandez (2015-2016 Senior Design: Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting)
(Boontanom co-authored a conference paper)
Tim Cerilli, Paul Rhodes, Josh Mosiniak, Yang Song, Douglas Hearney, William Emeny (2015-2016 Senior Design: Energy Harvesting from Suspension)
Timothy Wersinger (acoustic metamaterials, 2015-2016),
Carl Matthew Capindo (NSF REU), Jason Parker, Timothy Wersinger, Tim Cerilli – Summer 2015
(J Parker co-authored a journal paper)
Joseph Blochberger, Anthony Rowen, Yuhao Zhou, Jack Jordan (Spring 2015: vehicle energy harvesting)
Carl Matthew Capindo, Erik Wiker, Eddie Krutyanskiy (Spring 2015 undergraduate research: ocean wave energy harvesting)
Lewis Bennett, Dan Mangels, James Naleway, Robert Mellone (Spring 2015: backpack energy harvesting)
Jedhathai Boontanom, Rosaline Lee, Hussain Alshawaf (EPA P3 student design, Spring 15)

Former Undergraduates at Stony Brook (63 undergraduates):

Brian Scully and Jurgen Shestani (senior design, 09/2008-05/2009),(Awarded Sigma Xi Award for Excellence in Research; First Place in the URECA Undergraduate Research Competition) RongFeng Yu, 2009 (Undergraduate Reorganization Award) Weimin Chen, Jian Zhu, Ethan Li (senior design, 09/2009-05/2010), Senior Design Award, Zac Brindak, Hani Murarez, Chris Seano (senior design, 9/2009-05/2010), Brian Bates, Dimauro Edwards, Edwin Gonzalez, (senior design, 9/2009-05/2010), Newsday highlight, Engineering Research Award Lin Teng, Ka Wing Ng, and Yinyin Cui (senior design, 09/2010 – 5/2011), (Awarded: Undergraduate Reorganization Award to Ling Teng, 2011; Engineering Research Award to John Wang and Teng Lin, 2011) Joseph Maldonado, John Wang, Yves Paul Theusme (senior design, 09/2010- 5/2011), Senior Design Award, XiaoHui Lei, RuiHe Zheng, Jorge Lam Ki (senior design, 09/2010 – 5/2011) Senior Design Award, Randy Deodat, Queenie Chow, Cedric Chu (senior design, 09/2011-052012) Lisa Zhang, Ho Kan Lee, Yun Lu, Nick Daters (senior design, 09/2011-052012) Jennifer Maceiko, Anthony Falesto, Maurice David, Joe Russo (senior design, 09/11-05/12)Risa Cheung, summer 2013 (URECA Fellowship) Timothy Cho, Taehee Ryu, Hwan Lee (senior design, 09/2012-05/2013) Justin Mei, Xiaokang Yang (senior design, 09/2012-05/2013) Erica Graham, Stephan Jean (senior design, 09/2012-05/2013) Shubin Chen, Yanhong He (senior design, 09/2013-05/2014) Bing Lin, Hui Sun, Gregory Jo, Enfu Lu (senior design, 09/2013-05/2014) Tim Dugan (01/09-05/2009), Margaret Evans (01/10-05/2011, in WISE program), Chris Williams (06/2009-06/2011), Weixiao Zheng (10/10-1/12), Michael McCabe (2013)

Former undergraduates and graduates from other university

  • Richard LaGrandier (summer 2010), undergraduate researcher from MIT
  • Matthew Pollack, (summer 2012), undergraduate researcher from Boston University
  • Kristine Chen (summer 2013), undergraduate researcher from Stanford University
  • Jordan Pasternak (summer 2013), undergraduate researcher from Union College
  • Jessica Wu (summer 2013), undergraduate researcher from Tufts University
  • Liang Shang (summer 2015), undergraduate researcher from Tsinghua University
  • Wen-Wei Yen (Spring 2016), PhD student from National Chiao Tung University
  • Ming-Hung Yu (Summer and Fall 2016), PhD student from National Chiao Tung University
  • Jim Houng (Summer 2016) MS student from National Chung Hsing University
  • Joshua Ding (summer 2017), undergraduate research from Iowa State University

Former High School Students (10, in which 5 subsequently admitted to MIT/Harvard)

  • Mohammad Naqvi (summer 2009, admitted by University of Buffalo)
  • Kristine Chen (summer 2010, admitted by MIT & Stanford)
  • Susan Wu (summer 2010, admitted by MIT & Stanford U)
  • Wesley Cox (summer 2011, 2012, 2013, admitted by MIT)
  • Ryo Kono (summer 2012, admitted by Columbia University)
  • Kaestin Hsiao (summer 2013, admitted by University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Alan Wu (Summer 2014, admitted by MIT)
  • Yianshen (George Hu) (Summer 2014, admitted by Harvard)
  • Joshua Ding (summer 2015, admitted by Iowa State University)
  • Ishan Gurunani (summer 2017, admitted by U C Berkeley)
  • Grace Xu and Lisa Zhan (summer 2018)

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