Funded Projects

Research Funding($22,851,815 as PI or co-PI since 09/2008, $17M as PI or campus PI, my share $13M)  

Active projects (23)

# Agency Title PI and co-PI Period Funding
1 DOE-ARPA-E Bio‐Inspired Renewable Energy (BIRE) for Highly-efficient Low-cost Riverine Hydrokinetics Hilary Bart-Smith (PI, UVA), Lei Zuo, Eric Loth, K Moored, G Bacelli 07/2021-06/2024

(contract in processing)



$750,000 my share

2 NSF & USDA Collaborative Research: NRI: Ocean-Powered Robots for Autonomous Offshore Aquaculture L. Zuo, Y. Jiao, with T. Furukawa, B Englot, L Wu 09/2021-08/2024 (contract in processing) $1,000,000

VT PI $375,000

3 ONR Light-weight portable marine and hydrokinetic energy converter Lei Zuo (PI 100%) 06/2021-05/2025 $799,800


4 NSF EAGER: Collaborative Research: Feasibility of Energy-Harvesting Real-time Under-ice Monitoring System in the Arctic Ocean Y. Yang (PI) L Zuo (25%), M. Manteghi, I. Polyakov 09/2021-09/2022 $300,000

(contract in processing)

5 DOE/ NYSERDA Dual-Functional Tuned Inerter Damper for Enhanced Semi-Sub Offshore Wind Turbine Lei Zuo (PI, 75%) and Biao Fang (GE) 4/2021 –04/2024 $800,000

(contract in processing)

6 Ford Additive Manufacturing of Nano-crystalline-Enhanced Soft Magnetic Cores Lei Zuo (PI 70%) and H Yu 08/2021-08/2023 $189,878

(contract in processing)

7 SPDL A personal rapid transit prototype Lei Zuo (75%) and H Yin (Columbia) 06/2021-06/2022 $80,000
8 AGPC An energy efficient building with lightweight wall panel H Yin (Columbia) and Lei Zuo (50%) 10/2021-10/2022 $40,000
9 DOE TEAMER Mooring Modelling and Analysis for Floating Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter Lei Zuo 06/2021-06/2022 $120,000
10 DOE/ NREL 2022 MECC competition: A hybrid wave and wind energy conversion Lei Zuo and Feng Qian 06/2021-06/2022 $15,000
11 DOE/ NREL 2022 MECC competition: Self-powered and self-propelled ocean observing Lei Zuo, Xiaofan Li, M. Liu 06/2021-06/2022 $15,000
12 Shenzhen Qingyan Stabilizing Off-shore Floating Wind Platform Using Dual-functional Wave Energy Converter (via CEHMS) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 1/2020-12/2022 $80,000
13 DOE Floating oscillating surge wave energy converter using controllable efficient power takeoff system D. Hajj (PI, S.I.T.), L Zuo (co-PI), M. Gay (co-PI, RME) 05/2020-05/2022 $1,800,000 ($710,000

my share)

14 DOE/


Wave Drinker: Ocean Wave Powered Seawater Desalination (DOE Wave to Water Prize Competition) Lei Zuo (PI, 70%), and Shihong Lin (Vanderbilt) 1/2020-12/2021 $57,000  (for phases I and II)
15 DOE TEAMER Testing for power electronics converter for ocean wave energy converters Lei Zuo 06/2020-12/2021 $75,000
16 Sandia National Lab Integrated Design and Control of an Efficient Power Takeoff using Active Motion Rectifier (via CEHMS) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 09/2020-09/2021 $40,000
17 NSF Collaborative Research: GOALI: Bio-inspired energy harvesting for fish telemetry tags Lei Zuo (lead PI), M. Hajj (S.I.T.), D. Deng (PNNL), P. Kuechle (ATS) 09/2019-08/2022 $490,304


my share)

18 NSF Creating Ocean Wave Powered Resilient FEW Systems in Saline Coastal Regions Lei Zuo (PI, 80%), D. Lee 09/2019-08/2023 $500,000
19 NSF Collaborative Research: Net-Shape and Scalable Additive Manufacturing for Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery Materials and Devices using Selective Laser Melting Lei Zuo (lead PI), Sheng Shen (CMU), Jihui Yang (UW) 07/2019-06/2022 $704,780 (VT PI $263,650

my share)

20 EPA Portable Desalination Using Ocean and Solar Energy Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 09/2019-08/2021 $25,000 (phase I)
21 ONR Energy Harvesting Backpack with High Specific Power and Broadband using a Dual Mass-inerter and Mechanical Motion Rectification Lei Zuo (PI, 80%) and R. Queen 06/2018-05/2021 $528,314
22 USAID-Egypt Evaluation of Combinations of Energy Harvesting and Desalination Technologies L Zuo (50%), M. Hajj 04/2018-12/2021 $148,129
23 NSF Phase II IUCRC Virginia Tech: Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems L. Zuo (PI), M. Hajj, S. Priya, D. Ha, S. Shahab 08/2017-07/2022 $508,000

Completed Projects (65)

65 DOE STTR DOE STTR Phase I: A Self-reactive Marine Energy Converter to Power Ocean Aquaculture L Zuo (PI, 40%), J Lou, R Cordero 07/2020 –06/2021 $200,000
64 DOE/ NREL MECC competition: Unmanned ocean waste collection powered by marine energy Lei Zuo and Feng Qian 12/2020-07/2021 $15,000
63 DOE/ NREL MECC competition: Ocean observation buoys Lei Zuo and Qiaofeng Li 12/2020-07/2021 $12,000
62 4-VA Power Blue Economy using Ocean Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI, 83%), and R Zimmerman, 03/2020-03/2021 $30,000
61 DOE/


BlueLink (DOE NOAA Ocean Observing Prize Competition) Lei Zuo (PI) and Y. Yang (co-PI) 5/2020-05/2021 $10,000  (phase I)
60 DOE/


Hybrid wave-current energy converter for powering the blue economy (DOE  marine energy collegiate competition) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%)


11/2019-07/2020 $15,000
59 DOE/


Oscillating surge wave energy converter for powering the blue economy (one of the top 20 teams DOE energy marine energy collegiate competition) Huiming Yin (PI, Columbia Univ), Lei Zuo (co PI) 11/2019-07/2020 $15,000
58 DOE/


MMR-based point absorber wave energy converter for powering the blue economy (one of the top 20 teams for DOE energy marine energy collegiate competition) S. Brizzolara (PI), Lei Zuo (co PI) 11/2019-07/2020 $15,000
57 ONR DURIP: Acquisition of a Laser Powder Bed Fusion System to Transform the Additive Manufacturing Value Chain Chris Williams (PI, 20%), Lei Zuo (20%), James Kong (15%), et al 03/2019-03/2020 $270,000
56 Westing-house Inc Fabrication of multilayer ceramic capacitors for radiation resistance and temperature stability (via CEHMS) D. Viehland (PI), L Zuo (30%) 1/2019-05/2020 $60,000
55 European Union Marinet2 Simultaneous Ocean Wave and Current Energy Harvesting using a Single Power Takeoff System Lei Zuo (PI) and Rob Parker 04/2019-09/2019 $80,000 (2 weeks of wave basin time)
54 iDriver Plus Ltd Autonomous Vehicle Decision and Control using P2V Technology (via CEHMS) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 11/2018-12/2020 $80,000
53 DOT/ UTC Autonomous Emergency Navigation to a Safe Roadside Location T. Furukawa (PI), L.Zuo (25%), Parker, Zoerzaph 01/2018-01/2020 $63,083


52 NSFC Technology and Innovation of One-way Rotating Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester for Railroad Lei Zuo (PI) 12/2017-12/2019 ¥180,000 ($27,000)
51 SWTJU Key technology and the dynamic coupling between rail track and energy harvesting Lei Zuo (PI) 12/2017-12/2019 ¥150,000 ($25,000)
50 DOE Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI, 55%)

Parker, K. Ngo

03/2016-04/2020 $2,000,000
49 DOE Self-powered Wireless Through-wall Data Communication for Nuclear Environments Lei Zuo (PI, 43%)

H. Zhang, R. Kisner, D. Ha

10/2016-09/2020 $1,000,000
48 CRCF (VA) Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI), Ngo,  Parker 7/2016-4/2020 $100,000
47 US Army Energy Harvesting Backpack Lei Zuo (PI) 05/2016-6/2017 $169,277
46 CRRC Inc Vibration Energy Harvester for Railcar (via CEHMS) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 02/2016-12/2020 $168,000
45 VT, SEC, ICAT, ICATS Smart Drill Field: Energy Harvesting and Lighting Hajj, McGrath, Zuo (30%), Ishida, Kennedy 03/2016-03/2019 $96,000
44 DOT/ UTRC-II Mitigation of Transportation Induced Vibration Using Seismic Metamaterials L. Wang (PI) , Lei Zuo (20%) 10/2016-12/2017 $50,000
43 NSF REU Supplement for GOALI: Energy Efficient and Reliable Motion Mechanism for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI) Summer 2016 $10,000
42 DOE DOE NEUP fellowship Zuo’s Student Jackson Klein 06/2016-05/2017 $50,000
41 CRCF Railroad Energy Harvesting System Lei Zuo (PI ) 7/2016-6/2018 $100,000
40 CRCF Ultra-High Energy Efficiency Footwear Power Generators T. Xu (PI), L Zuo (co-PI,40%) 7/2016-10/2017 $100,000
39 ICATS ERC initiative ICATS ERC planning initiative: ERC for Data Analytics for the Design, Modeling and Monitoring of Physical Systems Hajj (PI), Ramakrishnan, Zuo (20%), et al 12/2016-12/2017 $60,000
38 ICTAS energy& materials initiative Smart Building and Smart City Rahman, Zuo (20%), Little, Dhillon, Kuzlu 05/2016-12/2017 $50,000
37 NSF GOALI: Collaborative Research: Energy harvesting nanorods-enhanced MEMS temperature-insensitive gas sensor for combustion monitoring and control Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 07/2015-12/2019 (no-cost extension) $150,000
36 NSF NeTS: Small: Long-range Ocean Communication Links Powered by Energy Harvesting Y. Yang (PI) L Zuo (33%), M. Manteghi 10/2015-09/2018 $200,000
35 NSF REU Supplement for GOALI: Energy Efficient and Reliable Motion Mechanism for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI) Summer 2015 $4,000
34 Abbvie Inc Development of high throughput miniaturized calorimeter for pharmaceutical R&D Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 05/2015-05/2019 $258,176
33 CRCF Energy-Harvesting Controllable Vehicle Suspensions Lei Zuo (PI), Ngo, Corina, Southward, Ahmadian 07/2015-3/2017 $100,000
32 Crystal Instrum. Vibration Control and Dynamic Analyzer (Equipment) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 02/2015 $40,000
31 DOE Self-powered Wireless Dual-mode Langasite Sensor for Pressure/Temperature Monitoring of Nuclear Reactors Lei Zuo (PI), H. Zhang, J. Lian 02/2014-10/2018 $800,000
30 NSF GOALI: Energy Efficient and Reliable Motion Mechanism for Ocean Wave Energy Lei Zuo (PI) 09/2014-08/2018 $300,000
29 Power Bridge NY Electromagnetic Railway Energy Harvester Lei Zuo (PI), 04/2014-4/2016 $150,000
28 ONR High-Power-Density Portable Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters (SBU changed the PI when I moved to VT and I didn’t involve in this project any more.) Lei Zuo ( sole PI at SBU 63%), T. Xu (at NIA 27%) 02/2014-02/2017 $556,356
27 SUNY/RF Energy-Harvesting Speed Bump Lei Zuo (PI) 2014-2014 $7,000
26 Tsinghua Univ. Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Exhaust Heat Lei Zuo (PI) 2014-2015 ¥100,000 ($15,000)
25 Abbott Inc MED64 microelectrdoe array system (Equipment) Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 01/2014 $100,000
24 NSF GOALI/Collaborative Research: Self-powered Dual-mode Piezoelectric Resonant Pressure/ Temperature Sensors for Oil and Gas Field Explorations Lei Zuo (PI) 09/2013-08/2018 $190,000
23 EPA Ocean Wave Energy Harvester with a Novel Power Takeoff Mechanism Lei Zuo (PI) 08/2013-8/2016 $105,000
22 NSF IDBR: Development of Ultrasensitive, Superfast, and Microliter-Volume Differential Scanning Nanocalorimeter for Direct Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions Lei Zuo (PI) 01/2013-12/2017 $300,000
21 NYSERDA Development and Commercialization of Energy-Harvesting Controllable Suspension Systems Lei Zuo (PI) 2013-2016 $249,914
20 SUNY/RF Innovative Power Takeoff for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Lei Zuo (PI), X. Wang, Warkentine 2013-2014 $100,000
19 SBU-BNL Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting, 2013 SBU BNL Seed Grant (Competitive) Lei Zuo (PI), X Wang, and Butcher 2013-2014 $40,000
18 DOE Thermoelectric-Driven Sustainable Sensing and Actuation Systems for Fault-Tolerant Nuclear Incidents J Longtin (PI), L Zuo (25%), Hwang, Chyu 10/2012-09/2015 $599,802
17 NYSERDA Energy Harvesting from Railway Vibration for Trackside Electrification Lei Zuo (PI) 2012-2015 $187,651
16 NYSERDA Innovative Manufacturing Approach to Fabricate Thermoelectric Devices Directly onto Waste Heat Components J Longtin (PI), Lei Zuo (25%), and D.Hwang 2012-2013 $100,000
15 DOT On-road Energy Harvesting for Traffic Monitoring Lei Zuo (PI), X. Ban 2012-2014 $50,000
14 Ford Motor Energy Regeneration and Damper Control Using Energy-Harvesting Absorbers Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 2012-2017 $25,000


13 SBU


Research cash match from SBU OVPR, for project funded by SUNY TAF “ Vibration Energy Harvesting for Transportations Lei Zuo (PI) 2012-2014 $16,000
12 DOT Energy Harvesting from Railway Track Vibrations Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2013 $50,000
11 DOT Faculty Development Minigrant Award Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2012 $6,465
10 NYSERDA Vehicle Thermoelectric Energy Recovery: Assessment of Waste Heat Sources Lei Zuo (PI), Longtin, and Sampath 2011-2012 $50,000
9 SUNY/RF Technology Commercialization of Vibration Energy Harvesting for Transportation Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2014 $150,000
8 SBU-BNL Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery, 2011 SBU BNL Seed Grant (Competitive) Lei Zuo (PI)), Longtin, and Sampath 2011-2013 $60,000


Equipment Fund from SBU Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center Lei Zuo (PI) 2011-2012 $180,000


Speed Bump Energy Harvesting, support from SBU Sr. VP of Administration, Lei Zuo (PI)) 2011-2012 $6,000


Research cash match from SBU OVPR, for the project funded by NSF/DOE Thermoelectrics Partnership Lei Zuo (PI), Longtin, and Sampath 2010-2013 $100,258
4 NSF-DOE NSF/DOE Thermoelectrics Partnership: Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Cost-Effective and Industrial-Scalable TEG for Vehicle Applications Lei Zuo (PI) J J. Longtin, S. Sampth, Q. Li and B Li 10/2010-09/2015 $530,535
3 NSF Vibration Control of Tall Buildings using Electricity Generating Tuned Mass Dampers Lei Zuo (PI) 09/2010-08/2015 $260,000
2 Electric Truck LLC Energy harvesting from rail tracks Lei Zuo (PI, 100%) 08/2010-072012 $47,093
1 NYSERDA Regenerative Shock Absorbers for Energy Harvesting from Vehicle Suspensions Lei Zuo (PI) 2009-2012 $81,000

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